Why DoTERRA business fail?


There are stories on various forums and blogs saying DoTERRA business or compensation plan is weaker than most other MLM’s out there. Because DoTERRA is a distribution channel and not a pyramid scheme like some believe that all MLM‘s are pyramid schemes and people get screwed over.

In my personal opinion if the company is delivering solid products that people can benefit from then it is a legit business. All distribution based business work in this model where there is a middle man that makes money such as in a case with AdvoCare and DoTERRA there is the warehouse where all products leave the warehouse at wholesale, then it goes out to distributors just like a normal supplement (non-mlm company) but in the case with these companies they allow customers to become the distributors that can purchase the products at wholesale prices and then sell it to earn commission.

Not everyone can purchase the products at whole sale rates, you have to earn your way there which we talked about in other blog posts. I think the biggest thing you have to understand about these business opportunities is you have to run it like a real business. And they say most start up businesses fail, so you have to really begin to study why that is and how to actually make your own DoTERRA business thrive and take off.

The key is to take massive action, most people really under estimate how much effort and contacts with potential prospects it takes to get just enough to keep the business up and running. When you under estimate what it takes you begin getting disillusioned about your business and start assessing your results inaccurately as failures when in reality you just need to take more massive action and you need more massive quantities of people to prospect.

If you do your pitch to 10 people and you get zero sign ups you may think your effort was wasted, and begin to believe that this opportunity is not for you, when in reality you need to do around 100 to see little bit better if the program is right for you or not. If you prospect 100 people and you get zero sign ups then there might be something off with your pitch and the products itself or you could be targeting the wrong market.

But at least when you do 100 you will have better data to assess where you are at and what you need to work on. But even if you get zero sign ups, I am willing to bet my money that it wasn’t a total waste of time because in the process you are learning a lot about approaching and doing a sales pitch, something most people are too uncomfortable to do.

And when you are willing to do what others won’t do today so you can get the things you want tomorrow that others can’t have then you will become successful.

I have not found an exception to this rule, DoTERRA like AdvoCare is just another vehicle that allows you to earn as much as you want which mean you are in business for yourself. No one is responsible for your pay check but you.

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