DoTERRA How to be success by getting leads online?

DoTERRA is an essential oil company that has compensation plan for those that want to become distributor and sell the oils and earn a commission off of them. The question is can you succeed for the long term with DoTERRA MLM business model?

The biggest problem facing anyone online / network marketer today is how to generate the leads to sustain the business and be able to scale the business into something sustainable where you can replace your 9 to 5 job.

Could essential oil business be the right business for you?

Let me just say that too many people seem to join DOTERRA and venture forth for the business opportunity because they feel that they should a start a business with something they are passionate in, and as you can guess with DoTERRA’s high quality essential oils, it draws many holistic minded people and they feel that DoTERRA is the perfect vehicle to help them become the entrepreneur that they’ve always wanted to become.

But in my humble opinion more people struggle because they follow their “passion”, for example just because you are passionate about essential oil, does not mean you will succeed with DoTERRA, the same problem faces DoTERRA as do any other MLM business like empower network, ARIIX & AdvoCare. Its that people under estimate what it really takes to get these businesses off the ground.

Let me just say that promoting your MLM business to your friends & family will not be enough for majority of you. So you eventually have to become a professional marketer to go out there in the world and market your products. This means you will really have to learn the whole 9 yards to become an effective sales person.

So many people are disillusioned with the compensation plan of many of these MLM’s, they make it seem like you can just get few hustlers underneath you and their efforts will set you free financially but if it was this easy, everyone will be doing it!

These companies will teach you that you need to sign up 3 power players below you and have them sign up 3 more power players of their own, but what most people don’t realize is that these business have 90 to 95% failure rate that means in order to get just 3 power players you may have to sign up 300 people below you or more.

You will not accomplish this by staying local, you will need to go national and as big as you can with the DoTERRA business opportunity, the great news is that essential oil and the holistic approach is quickly becoming a fad right now so you have a large audience that has potential to join with you.

The problem is you are obscure, or people don’t know you. And this is the major problem facing most business owners today. So how do you come out of obscurity?

Take massive action. Before you make excuses and give up, study what the top successful people are doing and you will see they worked their ass off to get there. It does not have to cost money to brand yourself. Start a blog for $20 bucks and you have a medium to broadcast your voice to the world. Open a youtube video and start uploading vlogs to them which doesn’t cost you anything, only creativity and effort. Start instagram account and start posting pictures of your life with the essential oils. Did I mention twitter?

You see there is plentiful vehicles out there that you can use to start getting attention for you, that should be your very first concern. Attention.

After you get attention, you then can begin to convert that attention to dollars, DoTERRA gives you that great vehicle to monetize attention and if you have passion for holistic approaches to health & wellness than you could have much easier time creating content online that gets the attention.

Good luck


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