Why DoTERRA business fail?


There are stories on various forums and blogs saying DoTERRA business or compensation plan is weaker than most other MLM’s out there. Because DoTERRA is a distribution channel and not a pyramid scheme like some believe that all MLM‘s are pyramid schemes and people get screwed over.

In my personal opinion if the company is delivering solid products that people can benefit from then it is a legit business. All distribution based business work in this model where there is a middle man that makes money such as in a case with AdvoCare and DoTERRA there is the warehouse where all products leave the warehouse at wholesale, then it goes out to distributors just like a normal supplement (non-mlm company) but in the case with these companies they allow customers to become the distributors that can purchase the products at wholesale prices and then sell it to earn commission.

Not everyone can purchase the products at whole sale rates, you have to earn your way there which we talked about in other blog posts. I think the biggest thing you have to understand about these business opportunities is you have to run it like a real business. And they say most start up businesses fail, so you have to really begin to study why that is and how to actually make your own DoTERRA business thrive and take off.

The key is to take massive action, most people really under estimate how much effort and contacts with potential prospects it takes to get just enough to keep the business up and running. When you under estimate what it takes you begin getting disillusioned about your business and start assessing your results inaccurately as failures when in reality you just need to take more massive action and you need more massive quantities of people to prospect.

If you do your pitch to 10 people and you get zero sign ups you may think your effort was wasted, and begin to believe that this opportunity is not for you, when in reality you need to do around 100 to see little bit better if the program is right for you or not. If you prospect 100 people and you get zero sign ups then there might be something off with your pitch and the products itself or you could be targeting the wrong market.

But at least when you do 100 you will have better data to assess where you are at and what you need to work on. But even if you get zero sign ups, I am willing to bet my money that it wasn’t a total waste of time because in the process you are learning a lot about approaching and doing a sales pitch, something most people are too uncomfortable to do.

And when you are willing to do what others won’t do today so you can get the things you want tomorrow that others can’t have then you will become successful.

I have not found an exception to this rule, DoTERRA like AdvoCare is just another vehicle that allows you to earn as much as you want which mean you are in business for yourself. No one is responsible for your pay check but you.

DoTERRA How to be success by getting leads online?

DoTERRA is an essential oil company that has compensation plan for those that want to become distributor and sell the oils and earn a commission off of them. The question is can you succeed for the long term with DoTERRA MLM business model?

The biggest problem facing anyone online / network marketer today is how to generate the leads to sustain the business and be able to scale the business into something sustainable where you can replace your 9 to 5 job.

Could essential oil business be the right business for you?

Let me just say that too many people seem to join DOTERRA and venture forth for the business opportunity because they feel that they should a start a business with something they are passionate in, and as you can guess with DoTERRA’s high quality essential oils, it draws many holistic minded people and they feel that DoTERRA is the perfect vehicle to help them become the entrepreneur that they’ve always wanted to become.

But in my humble opinion more people struggle because they follow their “passion”, for example just because you are passionate about essential oil, does not mean you will succeed with DoTERRA, the same problem faces DoTERRA as do any other MLM business like empower network, ARIIX & AdvoCare. Its that people under estimate what it really takes to get these businesses off the ground.

Let me just say that promoting your MLM business to your friends & family will not be enough for majority of you. So you eventually have to become a professional marketer to go out there in the world and market your products. This means you will really have to learn the whole 9 yards to become an effective sales person.

So many people are disillusioned with the compensation plan of many of these MLM’s, they make it seem like you can just get few hustlers underneath you and their efforts will set you free financially but if it was this easy, everyone will be doing it!

These companies will teach you that you need to sign up 3 power players below you and have them sign up 3 more power players of their own, but what most people don’t realize is that these business have 90 to 95% failure rate that means in order to get just 3 power players you may have to sign up 300 people below you or more.

You will not accomplish this by staying local, you will need to go national and as big as you can with the DoTERRA business opportunity, the great news is that essential oil and the holistic approach is quickly becoming a fad right now so you have a large audience that has potential to join with you.

The problem is you are obscure, or people don’t know you. And this is the major problem facing most business owners today. So how do you come out of obscurity?

Take massive action. Before you make excuses and give up, study what the top successful people are doing and you will see they worked their ass off to get there. It does not have to cost money to brand yourself. Start a blog for $20 bucks and you have a medium to broadcast your voice to the world. Open a youtube video and start uploading vlogs to them which doesn’t cost you anything, only creativity and effort. Start instagram account and start posting pictures of your life with the essential oils. Did I mention twitter?

You see there is plentiful vehicles out there that you can use to start getting attention for you, that should be your very first concern. Attention.

After you get attention, you then can begin to convert that attention to dollars, DoTERRA gives you that great vehicle to monetize attention and if you have passion for holistic approaches to health & wellness than you could have much easier time creating content online that gets the attention.

Good luck


DoTERRA Compensation Plan, How to work it like a pro

DoTERRA Compensation Plan

DoTERRA Essential oil company that has some great therapeutic level oils that can be used to treat all kinds of things like the thieves oil that is used to kill bacteria with all natural ingredients. Now doTERRA has a pretty cool rewards program that gives people incentive to allow others to join and you make commission on each sale that you refer in. The royalty rewards program is where it’s at! When you order through their LRP program, then you start to earn points for a percentage of every order you make. When you start the program you start earning 10% of every order in points. And that goes up every few months by 5% in 13 months you are earning 30% back in points.

So when you order $120 to $130 a month, to get those incredible oils, so you will earn $40 back in free products, You want your orders at least 50 points or above, so if its under 50 points it won’t scale and you won’t earn the points, in order to stay on the program you just have to order something.

How to make money with doTERRA? You have to have at least 100 PV at any given time, so if you are playing with your order and the template is below 100, make sure you bump it back up to 100 in order to be eligible to be paid commission. The computer looks at those people that have 100 PV or more! So make sure you are watching this.

69% of population look to natural products to improve some aspect of their health, 48% of population have used essential oils, and only 7% of population has used doTERRA and the most popular way to use it is recommendation of a friend.

So you want to run a business with doTERRA?

The potential of doTERRA earning is as follows

Silver makes $26k a year, Gold makes $57K a year, Platinum makes $106K a year, Diamond makes $203K a year, Blue Diamond makes $499K a year, and presidential makes $1,372,000 a year.
And its all residual income! Because its a product people will use over and over again month after month.

6 Ways to make money with doTERRA

  1. Purcahse Rewards Credits
  2. Retail Sales
  3. Unilevel Primary Commission
  4. Power of 3 Bonus
  5. Fast Start Bonus
  6. Leadership Bonus Pool

Loyalty rewards program allows members to keep a 30% discount which requires someone to work their way up after 13 month and they need to continue to order at least something in order to keep this discount so people will continue the program which causes doTERRA to have 65% retention rate.

Retail profit you will make 25% commission.

Unilevel primary commission is making a percentage based on people that sign up under you and so you begin to leverage off of other people’s efforts. It goes down 7 levels. So as you get down to the 7 level, at blue diamond more than 70% of the income is from the Unilevel.

Power of 3 Bonus, means find 3 people to buy every month, and you get 3 more for each of those, and another 3 for those people below that, you get 39 people which means you make $1500 a month.

Fast Start Bonus, for the first week when you sign up someone when they purchase something you make 20% on the first level, 10% on the next and 5% on the person after that. So this means you can get paid weekly as you continue to sign new people up and they purchase something within the first week. doTERRA pays monthly but this allows you to get money coming in today.

Last but not least its the leadership performance pool, its 2% of company revenue goes into a pool where people in silver, golds, platinum can earn certain share of that pool. For example if company makes 1 million than the pool will be $20,000, all silver will split $2000, all golds split 3 shares at $6000 and all platinums split 6 shares which is $12,000 You get extra share when you sign up people that rises to these levels as well.

So go out there and network and market and you can build your home business!